About Heal2Heart

Heal2Heart is the first of its kind; an online platform for independent practitioners to connect with clients all around the world. We are a global, online hub of alternative healthcare professionals with expertise across a wide range of holistic therapies. Our mission is to guide people to a better, happier and healthier existence. By helping individuals access the healthcare tools they need, we aim to empower people to take their physical and mental wellbeing into their own hands. Just as no two humans are exactly alike, each of our experts has a unique and personal approach to healing. By providing a platform through which clients can research and compare the treatments on offer, we aim to help individuals find the perfect service for their needs. With the world’s leading experts at your fingertips, finding the perfect therapeutic service has never been easier! How does it work? Heal2Heart is a platform that helps users to access virtual care and one-to-one services from the world’s leading CAM practitioners. Our easy-to-navigate app allows you to browse an extensive network of professionals and their services, and enables users to connect with practitioners at the touch of a button. Our large international network of online users means it’s never been easier to match clients with the one-on-one services they seek. The platform’s rating system allows users to make informed decisions about the services on offer, and helps them to identify the perfect non-traditional treatment for their needs. Why choose CAM? CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) encompasses a wide range of ancient healing practices, many of which have their roots in traditional medicinal systems. With centuries of wisdom behind them, holistic therapies have the unique potential to elevate your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Rather than waiting for illness to strike and then addressing the symptoms, holistic therapies focus on whole-body wellness and long-term health. This approach promotes self-care, and empowers people to take their physical and mental wellbeing into their own hands. We don’t aim to replace traditional therapies; instead, our goal is to incorporate holistic practices into people’s everyday healthcare routine. Thanks to services such as ours, accessing alternative therapies has never been easier. Our community of expert practitioners are independently assessed by people with direct experience of their services. With real-life reviews you can trust, the tools for self-improvement are firmly in your hands. When life’s stresses become overwhelming, finding the motivation to act can be an enormous hurdle to overcome. With Heal2Heart, you can access counselling (and other holistic services) from the comfort of your own home, making that first difficult step a little easier.

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